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(Architecture, Building and Planning)

(Architecture, Building and Planning)


Ʒð ޴´ . The Architect Registration Board (ARB) Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ϰ ִ . RIBA ARB л Ѵ . ְ ̴ . Ʈ âǼ ˷ ִ . Ʒð ̷̰ Ӹ ƴ϶ ſ ǹַ 繫ҳ ȯ濡 2 ǹ ϰ ִ .


ܼ ǹ ϴ ̻ Ѵ . Ϲ ʱ ȹ ϰ ģ ȴ .  , , 䱸Ǵ ǹ , ׵ ϱ ǽϰ پ Ʈ Ѵ . Ʈ Ծ , , ð , ڿ Բ ν ü ؾ߸ Ѵ .

κ ϰų 繫Ҹ ϰų Ѵ . ε ϸ ߾ γ ü ׸ ִ ȸ ִ .


ü 7 ̸ ǹ 2 ݵ Եȴ . л ϴ , 1) μ ڰ ߱ 2) ϴ ִ . ڻ ϱ ڰ ̴ . 츮󿡼 л ġ Ϸ ARB(Architects Registration Board) Ͽ ͺ䳪 ľ Ѵ .





б ̿ ϴ б ̷µ డμ ڰ ߷ ARB (Architects Registration Board) RIBA(The Royal Institute of British Architects) ޾ƾ Ѵ . RIBA л డμ ڰ ߱ Ʒ ޴ ֿ ִ б ƴ϶ ؿ ϰ ִ . ( , 󿡴 RIBA б )


κ . ù° κ (Part I) Ϲ 3 ̸ honours degree ް ȴ . ° κ (Part 2) 2 ̸ ÷θ Bachelor ް ȴ . Part1 Part2 ġ ް Ǵ ڰ Ǹ RIBA Part1 Part2 ְ Ѵ .


л Ϲ Part 2 а õ ȭ ִ . κ л ϵ 繫ǿ ǹ ֵ 3 г 4 г ̿ (part1 ģ ) 1 ޽ Ѵ .


Part 3 л Professional Practice Examination ϼϰ Ǵµ л ° ǹ Ʈ Ÿ ġ⵵ Ѵ . Professional Practice Examination , , Ǵܷ ׸ л ߴ Ǵϴ ߿ ̴ .  DZ ̸ ϸ Īȣ ִ . 7 ܰ迡 л ȸ (ARB) డμ ϰų ϳ ̻ RIBA ȸ ȸ ִ .



ǹ : RIBA Practical Training Scheme

а л ε Professional Practice Examination ġν డμ ġ Ǵµ ̸ ؼ ּ 2 ϰ ȴ .


ù ° ǹ Ϲ Part1 Part 2 ̿ ̷ ° Part2 ̷ .


* Examination in Professional Practice غ RIBA Practical Training Scheme ÷ 1


RIBA ڸ ħ

󿡼 л ģ Ϸ ARB(Architect Registration Board) ؼ ޾ƾ Ѵ .

1997 ɿ , డμ ϱ ȸ (ARB) ڰݰ մ ߾ ǴܵǸ ڰ ־ ȴ . Ǹ ͺ Ǵ 򰡰 ̷ . ڿ ݸ Ż ȸ ӿ . ȸ Ż ȸ ӿ ִ .



ߵб ģ GEC A level GCSE level ټ 䱸ȴ . 󿡼 ߵб ģ п ġ л ִ .


а ϱ ؼ ġ Ʈ ؾ Ѵ .



Ʒ ܰ赵


ǥ DZ ݵ ľ Ʒ ܰ踦 ش . DZ Ʒ ü 7 ̸ μ ڰ κ ΰ ϰ ȴ .



Part I

Three years Honours degree Exemption RIBA Pt 1

One year Practical experience

Part II

Two years Diploma or Bachelor of Architecture Exemption from RIBA Pt2

One year Further practical experience


Part III

RIBA Professional Practice Exam


Register as an Architect & membership of the RIAS


l  ȭ ڷḦ Ͽϴ *





Cardiff University            

Master of Architecture

MA in Professional Studies

MSc Environmental Design of Buildings

MA Urban Design

MSc Building Energy & Environment Performance Modelling

MSc Theory & Practice of Sustainable Design

MSc Sustainable Energy and Environment


University of Bath            

MSc International Construction Management

MSc Conservation of Historic Buildings

MSc Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes

MSc Facade Engineering

MPhil in History and Theory of Architecture

MPhil in Innovative Structural Engineering


University of Sheffield

MArch Architecture

MArch Architecture and Town and Regional Planning

MArch Studies Sustainable Architectural Studies

MSc Sustainable Architecture and Computer Aided Environmental Design

MA Urban Design

MA Architectural Design

MA Town and Regional Planning

MA International Development Planning

MA European Development and Planning

MA Planning Research

MA Planning and Development

MA Commercial Property



UCL                                 - 

Diploma in Architecture (RIBA/ARB Part 2)       

Certificate in Professional Practice and Management in Architecture (RIBA/ARB Part 3)

Diploma in Architecture (RIBA/ARB Part 2)

Certificate in Professional Practice and Management in Architecture (RIBA/ARB Part 3)

MArch (Architectural Design)

MArch (Urban Design)

MSc Adapative Architecture and Computation

MSc Advanced Architectural Studies

MA Architectural History

MSc Building and Urban Design in Development

MSc Construction Economics and Management

MSc Development Administration and Planning

MSc Environmental Design and Engineering

MSc Environment and Sustainable Development

MSc European Property Development and Planning

MSc European Spatial Planning

MSc Facility and Environment Management

MSc Interdisciplinary Management of Projects

MSc International Housing Studies

MSc International Planning

MSc Light and Lighting

MSc Project and Enterprise Management

MSc Social Development Practice

MSc Spatial Planning

MSc Sustainable Heritage

MSc Town and Country Planning

MSc Urban Development Planning

MSc Urban Economic Development

MSc Urban Regeneration


Newcastle University  

MSc Architecture                 

MSc Digital Architecture

MA Architecture and Planning Studies

MA Planning and Environment Research

MSc Town Planning

MSc Transportation Planning and Policy

MA Urban Design

PG Cert European Spatial Planning


Univ. of Manchester  

MA in Architecture and Urbanism




Cardiff University     

BSc Architectural Studies


University of Bath            

BSc in General Architectural Studies (RIBA Part 1)

March (RIBA Part 2)

BEng in Civil Engineering

MEng in Civil Engineering

MEng in Civil and Architectural Engineering


University of Sheffield

BA Architectural Studies

MEng Sturctural Engineering & Architecture

BA Architecture and Landscape

MPlan Urban Studies and Planning

BA Urban Studies

BA Geography and Planning

BA Landscape Architecture with Planning



BSc Architecture

BSc Construction Management

BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

BSc Urban Studies


Newcastle University

BA Architectural Studies

Certificate in Architectural Practice


BA Town Planning

Diploma in Town Planning

BA Geography and Planning


Univ. of Manchester  

BA Architecture

BArch Bachelor of Architecture





Architecture Registration Board (ARB)

73 Hallam Street



Tel : 020 7580 5861

Fax : 020 7436 5269


Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

66    Portland Place


W1N 4 AD

Tel : 020 7580 5533

Fax : 020 7255 1541


Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS)

15 Rutland Square



Tel : 0131 229 7545

Fax :  0131 228 2188


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