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濵, 濵 (Management, International Business)


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Ϲ / ڸ , λ, ൿ, ŷ, ̳ о߸ а ִ.


University of Warwick MSc Management 캽ν Ŀŧ ˾ƺ.

α׷ Ǿ ִ

-      An Induction module

-      The central module of the programme, The Foundations of Corporate Performance

-      Eight elective modules

-      Personal and Career Development work

-      Your dissertation.


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1б⿡ Ʒ ð 3 ϰ ȴ

-      Economics for Management & Business

-      Marketing

-      People & Organisations

-      Operations Management.

2б⿡ Ʒ ð 3 ϰ ȴ

-      Management Information Systems

-      Financial Analysis for Management

-      Strategy, Analysis & Practice

-      Corporate Finance.

1б⿡ Ʒ ð 2 ϰ ȴ

-      The Political & Social Context of Business

-      Operations Research

-      Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing

-      International Business.


University of Manchester MSc International Business and Management 캽ν Ŀŧ ˾ƺ.

α׷ semester ִ.


Semester 1 (9-12)

course unit 15 credit̴.

-      Fundamentals of International Business

-      Economic Analysis of the Multinational Enterprise

-      Marketing Issues in International Business

-      Finical Risk Management for International Business


1 5 Semester 2 Ǵ Non-exchange stream ؿ Ʈ б ϴ Exchange stream . Exchange stream ڸ ʰ ڰ , Ѵٸ Ŀ ٷ ûؾ ̴.


Semester 2 (1-5) Non-exchange stream

ʼ: Research Methods and Data Analysis

ðδ ּ 2, ִ 3 Ѵ

-      International Trade: Theory and Policy

-      International Business Negotiations

-      Foreign Competition, Industrial Performance and Economic Growth

-      International Marketing

-      Multinational Management

*б Ͽ ° course unit ٸ ִ.


Summer Research Period

Research dissertation (60 credits)

л ڽŸ ؾ Ѵ. л ġ Ʈ ȿ Բ ְ ̵带 ִ .

ֱ Ҵ

-      Cross-boarder knowledge flows and innovative performance

-      Internationalisation of LDC firms

-      Internationalisation of retailing companies

-      International business negotiations

-      International mergers and acquisitions

-      Marketing strategy and performance

-      Third party logistics management




University of Manchester

MBus Global Business Analysis

MSc Information Systems, Organisations and Management

MSc International Business and Management

MRes Management

MSc Management of Science, Technology and Innovation

MSc Operations Management


University of Bath

MSc Management

MSc Advanced Management Practice

MSc Innovation & Technology Management


University of Exeter

MSc International Management

MSc Service Science and Management


University of Nottingham

MA Management

MSc International Business

MSc Operations Management

MSc Operations Management and Manufacturing Systems


University of Birmingham

MSc Economic Competitiveness and International Business

MSc Economic Policy and International Business

MSc International Business


University of Warwick

MSc Management

MA Organisation Studies

MSc Management Science & Operational Research


University of Leeds

MSc International Business

MSc International Marketing Management

MSc Management


City University

MSc Management


University of Newcastle upon Tyne

MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management

MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing

MSc E-Business and Information Systems

MSc Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Management

MA International Business Management


University of Bristol

MSc Management

MSc Economics, Finance and Management


University of Durham

MA Management

MA Entrepreneurship


Royal Holloway, University of London

MA Asia Pacific Business

MA European Business

MA International Management

MSc Business Information Systems

MSc Sustainability and Management



University of Sheffield

MSc International Management

MSc Management

MSc Management (Arts, Heritage and Culture)

MSc Management (Enterprise & Local Economic Development)

MSc Management (Health Services Management)

MSc Management (International Business)

MSc Management (Sustainability)

MSc Management Research

MSc Management (Sport and Leisure)


Kings College London   

MSc International Management

MSc Public Services Policy & Management


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