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Brunel University

Design, Strategy and Innovation MA

Design, Branding and Innovation MA

б ŴƮ ġ ϰ ִ. Ưϰ ̸ й ƿ츣 Ŵ ̳뺣̼ǰ ȭ ˸ ϰ ϴ ̴.

̴ ɻ л ȸ ġ Ͻ ϰ ִ. ڽ ΰ ȸ Ϸ ϸ ŴƮ л Ѵ. α׷ ̳뺣̼, âǷ, ׸ о ̷ ׸ м ̷ִ. м , Ƽ̵ , , ̽ ͵, ɻ Եȴ.


University of Salford

Design Management MA

б ũ ѷ µ Ŀ ;ϴ ڿ Ͻ , Ͼ о߸ ϴ л̴. α׷ School of Art & Design Salford Business School л α׷ Ϸ ̵ ֵ ð Ѵ.

ʼ: Design Industry, Design Strategy, Design Communication: Theory and Analysis, Research Methods

ð: Organisational Behaviour, Project Management, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Strategic Management, International Business Environment, Managing Finance, Plus several specialist marketing modules


Northumbria University

MA Design Management

, ǥϴ ̳ʳ б ڿ ̴. Ŀ ΰ ġ ص ̱ ϴ R&D Ŵ, Ͻ , о Ŵ, ۷̼ Ŵ, Ŵ ٸ о Ŵ Ե ϰ ִ.

ʼ оߴ .

Reflective Practice, Creative Thinking & Intellectual Property, Commercialisation, Design Value, Research Principles, Contemporary Influences, Cross Cultural Communications, Global Design Strategies


Lancaster University

MA Design: Management & Policy

̳ʿ ̷ ɷ ϰ ְ ϴ , ɷ ߴ ߿ϴ. Ŀŧ ̽ , Ŀ´̼, , ðȭ, ðȭ, , Ȱȭ, ȭ, , ȸ, ɼ, âǼ, ռ ׸ ġ ϰ ִ.

ڽ ų ִ ɷ° پ Ȳ ϰ ų ֵ Ѵ. ȯ濡 ο л ؾ ֿ ̴. پ ̷ Ʋ ϰ, Ȳ ų ִ ɷ ϰ ȴ.

ʼ .

Design thinking and research methods, Design in Organisations, Design, sustainability and Contemporary Issues, Design Futures, Design Management, Design Strategy and Policy, Major Research Project (60 credits)


University for the Creative Arts

Design Management MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management, MA Creative Industries Management Ѵ. ߿伺 Ŀ´ϼǰ Ͻ μ ŴƮ ġ ̰ Ͻ ٿ Ű ȭ μ ɼ ִ.


MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management (Epsom Campus)

Stage 1: Study units include the exploratory project, research and communication methods and theoretical discourse. / Stage 2: Study professional context and a reflective project unit that includes professional practice and a work placement opportunity. / Stage 3: Your final project unit represents the culmination of your studies and forms an exposition of the central ideas and concepts developed throughout the course.

MBA Creative Industries Management (Rochester Campus)

Stage 1: Provides a broad overview of the creative industries context alongside the core management areas of accounting and finance; human resources and organisational behaviour; and operations and marketing. / Stage 2: Considers issues that affect the creative industries. You develop your skills through specialist electives like entrepreneurship, events delivery and product innovation. You also apply your skills to a live business project. / Stage 3: Develop an individually directed research project on a business problem of your choice, which leads to your final thesis.


Winchester School of Art (Southampton University)

MA Design (Design Management)

׶ ϴ о߷ Ŀ Ϸ , ü Ŀ ߱ϱ 䱸Ǵ ϰ ȴ. ȸ å мϰ ȸ ´. ̳ʿ Ͻ Ŵ ̽ ͵ Ǵ л İ ̴. ִ κп ȭ ִ. ʼ оߴ .

Research methods, project management, client liaison, communication and presentation

Strategic project development, data analysis, marketing and competitor analysis, design and commercial contexts


University Central England Birmingham

MA Design Management

Ͻ ŴƮ ų ϰ ̳ʳ Ǵ о߷ ϸ鼭 ϰ ִ о л ȸ Ŀ ÷ ȹ ֵ Ѵ. 6ְ Ͻ ɼ ȸ ٸ Design Non-Designer ߿ ְ Ѵ. ũ, ΰ, ο, Ŀ´̼ ų ȸ Ѵ.