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ڹ (Museum Studies)

ڹ Museum Studies


뿵ڹ, ų , Ʈ ڹ, , ־ Ʈ, ȭ Ÿ ܿ ° ū ̼/ Ƽũ ̴. б Ϲ ڹ, , , ť Ŀ κ ٸ ϴ ´ Ȯغ Ѵ.


University of Leicester MA Museum Studies Ŀŧ .

ʼ 4̸ 1 ð ȴ. б⿡ 8ְ ڹ/ Ͻ ϰ ȴ. ؼ ּ 15,000ܾ Ѵ.


ʼ .

-           Museums, Societies and Cultural Change

-           Strategic Resource Development

-           Communication, Media and Museums

-           Museums and Regeneration: The Regeneration Game


ð ,

-           Archaeological Curatorship

-           Natural Science Curation

-           Museum & Gallery Communication and Education

-           Museums & Histories

-           Museum & Gallery Marketing

-           Digital Media and Curatorship

-           Representing and Interpreting Culture: World Arts/Museum Ethnography

-           Museum Management: Politics and Policy




University of Leicester

ʹб ڹ 1960 ڹȸ Ͽ ϰ Ǿ ڶϰ ִ. ڹкδ ڹ, , ȭü Բ Ʈ ϸ, 򰡿 ڶѴ. 2008 򰡿 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies ʹб ڹ ޾Ҵ.

MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies

MA Museum Studies

MA/MSc Digital Heritage

MA Interpretation, Representation and Heritage

MA Learning and Visitor Studies in Museum and Galleries


Newcastle University

īб ڹ ֱ 2600 Ŀ ( 468) ڵ Great North Museum: Hancock ΰ ִ. 蹮ȭ ̵帮 ̳ ڹ, ̼ ġִ.

8 Ͻ ʼ ľ ϸ, Ϻ 1 Ͻ ǹ ִ.

MA Museum Studies

MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies

MA Art Museum and Gallery Education

MA Arts as Enterprise-Freelancing in the Cultural and Heritage Sector

MA Heritage management

MA Heritage Education and Interpretation

MGPrac Art museum and Gallery Practice/MHPrac Heritage Practice/MMPrac Museum Practice ( 1 Ͻ. 2)


University of East Anglia

1Ͽ Ϸ羿 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts Ǵ ڹ ǹ Ʈ ϰ Ǹ, 2б л о/ǹ ɿ ´ ڹ 4ְ Ͻ ϰ ȴ. ij, ī, , ȣ ܱ ڹ DZ⵵ Ѵ.

MA Museum Studies

MA Cultural History and Museum Studies


University of Leeds

MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies


Kingston University

MA Curating Contemporary Design (in partnership with the Design Museum)

MA Museum and Gallery Studies

MA Arts Market Appraisal


University of Manchester

MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies


University of Glasgow

MSc Museum Theory and Practice



MA Museum Studies